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Austin Steel Guitar Co-op Sunday Aug 14th 2011

This Sunday Aug 14th ]The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op will be held at the 290 West Club courtesy of J.D. Faron…. Thanks J.D.  MAP / DIRECTIONS

Don’t forget to support your local Pedal Steel Players and Musicians.

If you have an interest in pedal steel guitar come out and see the Folks and faces.
See the ones you know and meet the new ones you haven’t gotten to know yet.
Get involved and have fun, talk some steel guitar.
if you have any equipment to sell or swap bring it out.
I believe the new 290 West restaurant should be open by that time.


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The The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op Jam was a Blast!
I would like to Thank all the Steel Players that came out Sunday.
We had a Very Good turn out, and played an hour over, Lots of fun!
The next get together will feature a much more structured intro Beginner / Intermediate Lesson,
PLEASE COME EARLY For this and feel free to contact me.
Also, I am wanting to have featured artist type play list for the Jam.
I would like to feature a couple of artist’s like Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, Ray Price and of course include flexibility to play other material as well.
I am just learning how to do this meetup and Jam and would appreciate any input and ideas you may have.
Please let me know what you think of these ideas and suggest artists to feature.
We had lots of steel players and a few interesting guitar players that smoked. Also we had one fellow named Godfrey Daniels who makes some very custom electric guitars.
Anyone wanting to get involved Bass Players, Drummers, Singers, please contact me.
LOCAL MUSICIANS in AUSTIN and SAN ANTONIO, sign up on our Musicians Available Page.
New Freebie on the site is a free preview of the Anthology of Pedal Steel E9th by DeWitt Scott.
Lots of good stuff in there.
If you need any music supplies from Musicians Friend or a big music store,
Please use the Austin Music Supply.Com website
The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op is a free non-profit enterprise supported by Austin Music Supply.Com.
Please support live local music and Please support The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op.
Same 45 Day Low Price Guarantee if you find it cheaper READ MY EXPERIENCE

Musicians Friend Low Price Guarantee

I bought a Tascam DR-07 from Musicians friend for $199.00 in order to test the low price guarantee.
The DR-07 was advertised in another site for $149.00.
Musicians friend also had a mail in rebate for $35.00 plus free Sennheiser head phones.
I copied and emailed the price to them and I got the difference in my Bank Account in 2 days.
The process couldn’t have been easyer and I am very happy with the service at Musicians Friend.
Austin Music Supply

Music.. Pedal Steel in Austin

Hey I am a Steel Guitarist and Guitarist living in the Live Music Capitol Austin Texas.

Pedal Steel Guitar is an odd instrument, difficult to play and intonate. I also have a website called that I am trying to get going and help support live music in Austin.

This is my first blog and am hoping to make new friends  expand and share my experience.

Please say hello and let me know what you think and what you are doing