Austin Steel Guitar Co-op

Hello Fellow Pickers

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Sunday, Dec. 13th 2:00 P.M. is the next Austin Steel Guitar Co-op Meet up and Jam.

It will be a fun and exciting one as usual, on the 2nd Sunday of each month.

Do you want to learn something new? Teach something important? and have Fun!

Everyone has something to give and something to get from promoting Pedal Steel Guitar.

Thanks to Gus Brown, Jim Hiles and L.C. Parker, members of The Parker Brothers Band along with other guests, we will ripping it up Sunday afternoon.

Thanks also go to J.D. Faron, the 290 West Dance Hall and The Disciples of Twang

There will be equipment to buy and sell, bring your items for sale if you like.

Lots of different PSG set ups to look at, PSG Players, BIAB related info, a bulk string order if you are in need, E9th sets are $5.25. Single plain strings around 3 bucks a dozen approx.

The ASGC website has things added on a regular basis and can always use input and ideas.

Join the Local Musicians Available Page for gigs, recording etc. If you are in need of a Bass player, Drummer, Guitar or Pedal Steel of course… Take a look at it.  ^_^

If you have written some thing or want to add a product or service to the ASGC Website that’s what is there for…. Let me put a link or article on for you.

The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op is always looking and open to ideas for upcoming events to contribute an idea or anything to the ASGC, Please contact me.

You guys have been a big inspiration to me and together we can make an even bigger inspiration for everyone…

The  Austin Steel Guitar Co-op is a FREE , NON PROFIT  Organization

solely supported by  Austin Music Supply.Com a Musicians Friend Affiliate Website,

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Thank You

Ken Metcalf

Location Map

290 West Bar and Grill, Austin, Texas

290 West Phone #    (512) 288-0808

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November Austin Steel Guitar Co-op

The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op was a real show topper with Herb Steiner doing a set with special guest Hugh Sparks, Gus Brown and myself,
Herb included a follow up with an interesting question and answer segment.
The regular local players are just astounding, Dave Biller, Roy Glaze, Dave Goodman, Olin Melton, Many others…
Gus Brown on drums, Jim Hiles, Bass , L.C. Parker and many more.
We have quiet a number of singers that vary greatly and all have such a high level of quality it seems like one will over shadow the rest but they are all just fantastic and that’s it.
Curtis Alford did a very nice set, as did Trey Stapleton, L.C. Parker,
Sam Bentley and Olin Melton, brought some serious guitar picking and singing.
Sam Bentley Band Website
A special treat was when Patti Wood got up and played bass…. Very smoothly, but when she began to sing her set it was for me a jaw dropping experience.
I hope to be seeing more of her and I believe we will.
I must add it was a great honor for me playing guitar with Herb Steiner and it would have gone well except, I find that the big hook is a bit distracting, chasing me around on stage, ^_^
The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op is such an amazing gathering of folks having fun with lots of Pedal Steel, it really is a must do…
Next month will include the regular Steel Guitar Jam and rumor has it that something very exciting is going to happen…
The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op meets the 2nd Sunday afternoon each month at the 290 West Dance Hall.
Thanks to 290 West Dance Hall, J.D. Faron and  The Disciples of Twang
Thank You to Herb Steiner and visit  Herb Steiner’s Website

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The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op Website

Thank You

Ken Metcalf


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Austin Steel Guitar Co-op

We have started a Steel Guitar Club down here in Austin Texas.
Sunday Jam, Swap Meet, Live Band, No Fees, and of course Beer & Bar-B-Q
Check it out Sponsored by
The first meet up is this Sunday and I have gotten a very good response and am looking for a nice turn out.
I will  post some pictures.

Music.. Pedal Steel in Austin

Hey I am a Steel Guitarist and Guitarist living in the Live Music Capitol Austin Texas.

Pedal Steel Guitar is an odd instrument, difficult to play and intonate. I also have a website called that I am trying to get going and help support live music in Austin.

This is my first blog and am hoping to make new friends  expand and share my experience.

Please say hello and let me know what you think and what you are doing