Austin Steel Guitar Co-op Sunday Aug 14th 2011

This Sunday Aug 14th ]The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op will be held at the 290 West Club courtesy of J.D. Faron…. Thanks J.D.  MAP / DIRECTIONS

Don’t forget to support your local Pedal Steel Players and Musicians.

If you have an interest in pedal steel guitar come out and see the Folks and faces.
See the ones you know and meet the new ones you haven’t gotten to know yet.
Get involved and have fun, talk some steel guitar.
if you have any equipment to sell or swap bring it out.
I believe the new 290 West restaurant should be open by that time.


Light Weight Seat for Steel Guitar or Piano

New Page at Austin Steel Guitar Co-op

Products We Like.

This is a page featuring  products that are unusually good bargains and quality.

I have changed from my regular Heavy pack a seat (Back Rest w/ Side car) to this super lightweight set up and am very happy
I was in search of an adjustable or taller seat and was frustrated by the COST !! involved.
This is a slightly up-graded seat with thicker heavier foam than the $29.00 one and well worth the 4 bucks.
I got the tool case at Home Depot for $24.00 but I think they are cheaper at Harbor Freight.
It has adjustable dividers and room behind the tool holder.

The Seat is Currently running at $33.98 with free shipping…..
This is a very comfy no-brainer….


Just one way to support the ASGC and benefit from the club.


Austin Steel Guitar Co-op Lesson and Jam

First! the BIG thanks to Billy Phelps for teaching and supporting the Austin Steel Guitar Co-op.
The lesson was great, Billy and Patty were great.
Thank You so much from all of us.
Billy’s services at FC Sound include recording, lessons, courses for all levels and tracks to play along with plus some.
Billy Phelps web site at Full Circle Sound

A.S.G.C. is going to start having featured songs for the first set at our Jam which is held on the 2nd Sunday of each month,
This will allow the players who wish to do a couple of songs with the band by themselves, to do so in the manner of his or her choosing.
Please contact me if you wish to send some charts or give the band a heads up on what you want to do.

After this first set we will have our usual round robin set or circular jam configuration.

It does not cost anything to join or support The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op
When you need music supplies click on our Musicians Friend Link for the Same Guaranteed Low Price.
If you find a better price in 45 days we will refund the difference.

Please contact Ken Metcalf if you would like to contribute by Teaching, Buying, Selling, Promoting, and any Ideas you may have.

Austin Steel Guitar Co-op Report

The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op meet up and jam was a good one, because we had Chicken and Dumplings, Corn Bread, Cherry Cobbler and other goodies in addition to the great steel guitar music every month.
We started with our friend Curtis Aford singing, Jessie Esquivel of The Emerson Biggins Band on drums,
Lee Crowell on Bass from the Wake Eastman Band.
My friend, Commander Dave Goodman from San Antonio played his Carter and tore up the Tennessee Waltz.
Very good players also chiming in were Roy Glaze, Dave Biller, Herb Steiner. Herb Steiner’s Website
Many new friends showed up and I am embarrassed as I forgot my camera and have a hard time remembering names.
A couple I recall….
A fellow named Randy Boyd is an outstanding Steel Player.
Andy Miller (Have Drums will Travel) did a nice job when he sat in on the drums for a set, he is available for gigs and can be found on the Local Musicians page under drummers of the Austin Steel Guitar Co-op website along with a bunch of other top quality musicians.
Bob Hoffnar of Tonealigner Pick-ups brought out a Clinesmith double neck.
New friend Eric Ebner of Tribo-Tone™ Bar Designs came out and introduced him self.
Tribo Tone Bars are made right here in Austin, Texas USA The Tribo Tone Bar Website
Anthony Locke brought an old D-10 Show-Bud, both he and it sounded fantastic.
It is a fair statement that a good time was had by all.
My apologys to those I may have not mentioned, but the good news is my new years resolution is to get at least Semi-Organized.
A Extra Big Thank You to J.D. Faron of the 290 West Dance Hall, Austin Texas
Anyone with ideas or products they would like to promote let’s put up a article, promo or just Swap Links!

It does not cost any thing to support Austin Steel Guitar Co-op

When you need music supplies click on our Musicians Friend Link for the Same Guaranteed Low Price. If you find a better price in 45 days we will refund the difference.

Austin Steel Guitar Co-op

Hello Fellow Pickers

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Sunday, Dec. 13th 2:00 P.M. is the next Austin Steel Guitar Co-op Meet up and Jam.

It will be a fun and exciting one as usual, on the 2nd Sunday of each month.

Do you want to learn something new? Teach something important? and have Fun!

Everyone has something to give and something to get from promoting Pedal Steel Guitar.

Thanks to Gus Brown, Jim Hiles and L.C. Parker, members of The Parker Brothers Band along with other guests, we will ripping it up Sunday afternoon.

Thanks also go to J.D. Faron, the 290 West Dance Hall and The Disciples of Twang

There will be equipment to buy and sell, bring your items for sale if you like.

Lots of different PSG set ups to look at, PSG Players, BIAB related info, a bulk string order if you are in need, E9th sets are $5.25. Single plain strings around 3 bucks a dozen approx.

The ASGC website has things added on a regular basis and can always use input and ideas.

Join the Local Musicians Available Page for gigs, recording etc. If you are in need of a Bass player, Drummer, Guitar or Pedal Steel of course… Take a look at it.  ^_^

If you have written some thing or want to add a product or service to the ASGC Website that’s what is there for…. Let me put a link or article on for you.

The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op is always looking and open to ideas for upcoming events to contribute an idea or anything to the ASGC, Please contact me.

You guys have been a big inspiration to me and together we can make an even bigger inspiration for everyone…

The  Austin Steel Guitar Co-op is a FREE , NON PROFIT  Organization

solely supported by  Austin Music Supply.Com a Musicians Friend Affiliate Website,

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and this is how to Support Austin Steel Guitar Co-op.

Thank You

Ken Metcalf

Location Map

290 West Bar and Grill, Austin, Texas

290 West Phone #    (512) 288-0808

Email Ken

November Austin Steel Guitar Co-op

The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op was a real show topper with Herb Steiner doing a set with special guest Hugh Sparks, Gus Brown and myself,
Herb included a follow up with an interesting question and answer segment.
The regular local players are just astounding, Dave Biller, Roy Glaze, Dave Goodman, Olin Melton, Many others…
Gus Brown on drums, Jim Hiles, Bass , L.C. Parker and many more.
We have quiet a number of singers that vary greatly and all have such a high level of quality it seems like one will over shadow the rest but they are all just fantastic and that’s it.
Curtis Alford did a very nice set, as did Trey Stapleton, L.C. Parker,
Sam Bentley and Olin Melton, brought some serious guitar picking and singing.
Sam Bentley Band Website
A special treat was when Patti Wood got up and played bass…. Very smoothly, but when she began to sing her set it was for me a jaw dropping experience.
I hope to be seeing more of her and I believe we will.
I must add it was a great honor for me playing guitar with Herb Steiner and it would have gone well except, I find that the big hook is a bit distracting, chasing me around on stage, ^_^
The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op is such an amazing gathering of folks having fun with lots of Pedal Steel, it really is a must do…
Next month will include the regular Steel Guitar Jam and rumor has it that something very exciting is going to happen…
The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op meets the 2nd Sunday afternoon each month at the 290 West Dance Hall.
Thanks to 290 West Dance Hall, J.D. Faron and  The Disciples of Twang
Thank You to Herb Steiner and visit  Herb Steiner’s Website

Support Austin Steel Guitar Co-op by clicking on our musicians friend links

The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op Website

Thank You

Ken Metcalf

Austin Steel Guitar Co-op Meet up and Jam

Aus Steel News logo2

On Nov. 8th Austin Steel Guitar Co-op will welcome Herb Steiner to our meet up! Herb will do a mini seminar based on a question and answer format.

Herb has asked for your input on content so he may have a heads up on what subjects you may be interested in.

PLEASE contact Herb Steiner, Ken Metcalf or post below with input to make this a more enjoyable and advantageous meeting.

Herb’s Email

Herb Steiner’s Website

You all probably know of Herbs great instruction materials and lengthy bio.

I would like to add my personal enjoyment of Swinging on E9th Vol. 1-2

All Herbs materials will be available at the Austin Steel Guitar Co-op meet up and Jam, Sunday any questions you may have about them,

Herb will be glad to answer in person.

This is an opportunity that should really be taken advantage of in addition to the regular fellowship and comradery found at the ASGC meet up and jam.

Sunday Schedule

The Steel Guitar Lesson for newer players at 1:00 P.M. has made a request for some info on Band in a box… So that is what we will do….  at 1:00

It would also good to pre-submit questions and subjects to be covered in order to take full advantage of the Band in a box lesson.

Time: Sunday Nov. at 2:00 P.M.  (2nd Sunday of each month)

Place: 290 West Bar and Dance Hall. MAP / DIRECTIONS

The 2:00 Jam will start with some guide lines about playing etiquette in a round robin setting.

We will kick it off with Herb then each person that wants to play being invited to do a solo song with the Parker Brothers Band, so bring a few songs in mind for solo piece or two.

After solo performance’s, The round robin will begin in which everybody can pick songs to go around the circle, passing the ride, lead , or backing parts.

The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op meeting will be a fun time with equipment for sale, lots of interesting stuff for PSG people.

Bring Pedal Steel equipment to Buy, Sell, Trade and if you have PSG products to sell or promote please feel free to bring them out and set up at one of our tables.

Singers and other players are welcome to join in and give the Parker Bros a break.

Contact Ken Metcalf for details.

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A Big Thank You to the 290 West / F.D. Faron and the Disciples of Twang,

Official HonoraryHH Friends of the Pedal Steel Guitar.

Please contact Ken Metcalf if you would like to contribute by Teaching, Buying, Selling, Promoting, and any Ideas you may have.