Featured Artist at Austin Steel Co-op will be Herb Steiner

Featured Artist this month will be Herb Steiner
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290 West Bar and Grill from 2-5
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The new format includes a featured artist each month. Herb Steiner is back in the saddle (after breaking his foot in an auto accident in Feb.) and will be kicking off the afternoon with a special non-pedal set, with Rob Harding on guitar, Charlie Irwin on bass, and Karen Biller on drums. Come say hello to Herb.

The back-up musicians for the afternoon will be Karen Biller on drums, and Charlie Irwin on bass. They can handle anything from Hawaiian and traditional country to jazz. Bring your charts.

John Allison will be bringing some of his 8-string console steel guitars out for display and sampling. Folks are encouraged to bring any gear or instruments for sale or show-and-tell.

Check out the website for more info or Join the Local Musicians Available Page for gigs, recording etc. If you are in need of a Bass player, Drummer, Guitar or Pedal Steel of course… Take a look at it. ^_^

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The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op is always looking for and open to new ideas for upcoming events.
To contribute an idea or anything to the ASGC, Please contact Ken Metcalf.
You guys have been a big inspiration to me and together we can make an even bigger inspiration for everyone…

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A Big Thank You to the 290 West / F.D. Faron and the Disciples of Twang,
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