The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op is always fun and good.
This month however was exceptional.
My new band, The Madcow Boys, Bass player / Vocals Ken Siches, Drummer Mike Stowers, were joined by regular Leon Grizzard on guitar / vocals, All outstanding players.
My good friend / Steel Teacher / Dave Goodman played a bunch of great stuff.
Dave Biller tore it up sitting next to Jim Loesseberg who looked like he was having some fun cutting loose as they went back and forth with licks.
Those two are wild and exciting players to watch.
Justin Trevino showed up and did a couple of sets with everybody and we ended up playing until almost 7:00!!
Wow what a performer and singer Justin is !! in the style of Bush, Price, McCall and many others including himself.
It has to be the best and most fun yet at the ASGC.
The only thing that topped that would be my Beans and Cornbread… HA!
I would like to thank everyone with an extra big Thank You to all that support the ASGC.
My Friend J.D. Faron who puts us in the 290 West Club on his day off…. Thanks Faron

[url=] Click Here Jim Loessberg’s Website “Music and Instructional material”[/url]

[url=] Click Here Justin Trevino’s’s Website “Exceptional Texas Country Music”[/url]

Here’s a Utube of Justin and Jim


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