Austin Steel Guitar Co-op Report

The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op meet up and jam was a good one, because we had Chicken and Dumplings, Corn Bread, Cherry Cobbler and other goodies in addition to the great steel guitar music every month.
We started with our friend Curtis Aford singing, Jessie Esquivel of The Emerson Biggins Band on drums,
Lee Crowell on Bass from the Wake Eastman Band.
My friend, Commander Dave Goodman from San Antonio played his Carter and tore up the Tennessee Waltz.
Very good players also chiming in were Roy Glaze, Dave Biller, Herb Steiner. Herb Steiner’s Website
Many new friends showed up and I am embarrassed as I forgot my camera and have a hard time remembering names.
A couple I recall….
A fellow named Randy Boyd is an outstanding Steel Player.
Andy Miller (Have Drums will Travel) did a nice job when he sat in on the drums for a set, he is available for gigs and can be found on the Local Musicians page under drummers of the Austin Steel Guitar Co-op website along with a bunch of other top quality musicians.
Bob Hoffnar of Tonealigner Pick-ups brought out a Clinesmith double neck.
New friend Eric Ebner of Tribo-Tone™ Bar Designs came out and introduced him self.
Tribo Tone Bars are made right here in Austin, Texas USA The Tribo Tone Bar Website
Anthony Locke brought an old D-10 Show-Bud, both he and it sounded fantastic.
It is a fair statement that a good time was had by all.
My apologys to those I may have not mentioned, but the good news is my new years resolution is to get at least Semi-Organized.
A Extra Big Thank You to J.D. Faron of the 290 West Dance Hall, Austin Texas
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It does not cost any thing to support Austin Steel Guitar Co-op

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