Austin Steel Guitar Co-op Meet up and Jam

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On Nov. 8th Austin Steel Guitar Co-op will welcome Herb Steiner to our meet up! Herb will do a mini seminar based on a question and answer format.

Herb has asked for your input on content so he may have a heads up on what subjects you may be interested in.

PLEASE contact Herb Steiner, Ken Metcalf or post below with input to make this a more enjoyable and advantageous meeting.

Herb’s Email

Herb Steiner’s Website

You all probably know of Herbs great instruction materials and lengthy bio.

I would like to add my personal enjoyment of Swinging on E9th Vol. 1-2

All Herbs materials will be available at the Austin Steel Guitar Co-op meet up and Jam, Sunday any questions you may have about them,

Herb will be glad to answer in person.

This is an opportunity that should really be taken advantage of in addition to the regular fellowship and comradery found at the ASGC meet up and jam.

Sunday Schedule

The Steel Guitar Lesson for newer players at 1:00 P.M. has made a request for some info on Band in a box… So that is what we will do….  at 1:00

It would also good to pre-submit questions and subjects to be covered in order to take full advantage of the Band in a box lesson.

Time: Sunday Nov. at 2:00 P.M.  (2nd Sunday of each month)

Place: 290 West Bar and Dance Hall. MAP / DIRECTIONS

The 2:00 Jam will start with some guide lines about playing etiquette in a round robin setting.

We will kick it off with Herb then each person that wants to play being invited to do a solo song with the Parker Brothers Band, so bring a few songs in mind for solo piece or two.

After solo performance’s, The round robin will begin in which everybody can pick songs to go around the circle, passing the ride, lead , or backing parts.

The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op meeting will be a fun time with equipment for sale, lots of interesting stuff for PSG people.

Bring Pedal Steel equipment to Buy, Sell, Trade and if you have PSG products to sell or promote please feel free to bring them out and set up at one of our tables.

Singers and other players are welcome to join in and give the Parker Bros a break.

Contact Ken Metcalf for details.

The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op is free, non profit and solely supported by Austin Music Supply.Com. Which is a Musicians Friend Affiliate Website, Same Low Prices, Same Specials, Same 45 Day Low Price Guarantee.

Please click on our website links, in order to go to Musicians Friend when you need online music store supplies.    Thank You for using Austin Music Supply. Com

A Big Thank You to the 290 West / F.D. Faron and the Disciples of Twang,

Official HonoraryHH Friends of the Pedal Steel Guitar.

Please contact Ken Metcalf if you would like to contribute by Teaching, Buying, Selling, Promoting, and any Ideas you may have.


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