Austin Steel Guitar Co-op Jam

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The The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op Meeting / Jam was a good one.
Jim Loessberg was there with his instructional material and played a bunch of good songs.
Jim Loessberg’s Website
I believe at the high point we had 12 steels set up with 3 different non pedals.
The Parker Bros Band was there along with L.C. Parker and Trey Stapleton both singing a set each.
The sound was very good and every one was clearly heard.
The 290 Dance Hall has a very good sound.
P.S. I have been recording the Jams if any one is curious.
Thanks to every one for coming out and a big one to J.D.Faron and the The Disciples of Twang for the 290 West Dance Hall.
The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op is completely free to join and participate in…It is almost supported by Austin Music Supply
Please use the links on Austin Music Supply to go to Musicians Friend and Support The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op.


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