Online Guitar / Music Lesson Review

I recently got the Music Master Pro and Jamorama online Music / Guitar Instruction courses with the intent of doing a direct comparison / review for my Austin Music Supply websites and The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op website.

Having played guitar for approximately 20-25 years and now have been playing Pedal Steel Guitar for the last 5 years.  I can say I have had a few instructors and music courses, along with much trial by fire experience.

First I tried the Music Master Pro, cost less $29.95 about the cost of one music lesson and include many lessons along with several features that are very useful.

The theory and lessons will keep a beginner busy for quite some time  but not much fun.

I have found the Jamorama $39.95 to be somewhat more professional and useful and I really like the 8 week money back guarantee.

The song pond function is more fun and because of this it produces more results as far as learning songs.

147 videos, covered by 2 nice books, these videos are made specially keeping in mind the fact that these have to be easy and simple to be most effective.

These 148 video lessons give you the step-by-step details of guitar playing with two camera shots that are very easy to learn from.

Ear Training, “GuitEarIt!”  Jam Tracks, 26 jam tracks to jam along with.
These tracks cover almost all the musical styles including rock, jazz, dance, country, hip-hop etc.

lessons on ways to perform.Jamorama logox2

Metronome I like to use for practicing.

Games to learn by and even a learn to read music game called JaydeMusica.

OK Last night I went into the Song Pond and learned a song I kind of new but wanted to learn and it was way cool and easy, Hands Down the Jamorama beats Music Pro by a Long Shot!  Lessons are good and learning songs is easy for all level Players.
Get the Jamorama Lead Guitar Advanced Lead Guitar


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