Changing Strings / Winder

D'Andrea comes in different colors

D'Andrea Comes in Different Colors

I change a lot of strings on Guitar and Pedal Steel guitar which has 20 strings.
and have tried several of these string winders. Including: an electric drill attachment.
The regular type string winders ($1.50 approx) are loose on the tuning keys, wobble around, get stuck, jammed up, in the way, and are awkward to use.
The drill attachment did not work well for a couple of reasons, mostly due to being designed around the $1.50 type.
I recently had to increase a on line order to get free shipping and got one of these string winders.
The D’Andrea string winder has the acoustic pin puller.
It fits snugly and operates very smoothly.
Smooth and Easy like you expect and imagine a device designed to make a task easier should.
The D’Andrea is around six bucks and is a very nice accessory to have …
Especially when trying to change a string in a hurry …   Comes in different colors  Mine is Black .  ^_^
Add one to your next order from Austin Music Supply


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the reveiw, I am going to try one.

    • Thanks for reading my Blog. , Trying to get more motivated

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