These Poisonous toads (bufo marinus) are a major pest, currently over running Australia in a bad way.

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The Cane Toad was introduced into Gordonvale Queensland, Australia, 22kms South of Cairns in 1935 from Hawaii to combat the sugar cane beetle which was destroying the crops of the sugar cane industry. It has since hopped all over Queensland and is now entering neighboring states. The Toad is presently considered a major pest and a threat to native wildlife. All efforts are now being made for its eradication. The skin of the Cane Toad is strong, tough and durable and makes up into excellent leather goods. Help save Australian wildlife by turning a toad into a prince of a pick pouch!                                 Brought to you by Austin Music Supply



2 Responses

  1. Don’t like toads….Got any Buffalo scrotum bags?

  2. As dry as it is in Texas right now Tony you shouldn’t have to wait too long before some become available

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