Tascam DR-07 Recorder Review

I got this DR-07 to record Lessons and Practices.   First and foremost I do not like to read the Instructions and I found this unit to be strait forward although I did have to peek in the book once.  Keep the levels low and find the room placement and it works really good for what I want it for..  About the size of a pack of cigarettes and with my laptop I can get or give a lesson and burn to CD intuitively and easily.  on the spot..  I also got a $35.00 rebate and a best price rebate for $49.00. A free pair of Sennheiser Head phones, Not bad about half price from the $199.00 average.     This unit uses AA battery’s unlike the DR-01 upgrade model  that uses a (Special Size) Tascam Battery’s.    The Quality of the recordings is a little hollow compared to home studio, but hey this fits in my pocket.  I think after using a while I can dial it in better…. Over All I really like it and give it a good high rating.

Purchased through austin-music-supply.com
Austin Music Supply



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