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People have asked me because I am relatively inexperienced and trying to learn about this stuff, making websites, affiliate marketing, on line business etc.  How I have built these websites.
First, I have had several bad experiences with website hosting..     Some Experience that you can avoid.
1 and 1 is easier to work with and the biggest plus is that they have this thing called net-viewer when you call for help they can look at your screen and you can see their mouse move around and they say click here, then do this..   I like it..  It’s easy
Look at the websites I made and if you need any big music store type equipment or instruments, Please use my links on Austin Music Supply
and it will go to support Austin Steel Guitar Co-op
I have learned to make these links and would help you if you need it but the support is pretty good.  The website builder is a click and choose template type, with a very mild learning curve.  Please contact me if you have any questions.           Ken’s  Contact Email

1 and 1 website hosting


Online Guitar / Music Lesson Review

I recently got the Music Master Pro and Jamorama online Music / Guitar Instruction courses with the intent of doing a direct comparison / review for my Austin Music Supply websites and The Austin Steel Guitar Co-op website.

Having played guitar for approximately 20-25 years and now have been playing Pedal Steel Guitar for the last 5 years.  I can say I have had a few instructors and music courses, along with much trial by fire experience.

First I tried the Music Master Pro, cost less $29.95 about the cost of one music lesson and include many lessons along with several features that are very useful.

The theory and lessons will keep a beginner busy for quite some time  but not much fun.

I have found the Jamorama $39.95 to be somewhat more professional and useful and I really like the 8 week money back guarantee.

The song pond function is more fun and because of this it produces more results as far as learning songs.

147 videos, covered by 2 nice books, these videos are made specially keeping in mind the fact that these have to be easy and simple to be most effective.

These 148 video lessons give you the step-by-step details of guitar playing with two camera shots that are very easy to learn from.

Ear Training, “GuitEarIt!”  Jam Tracks, 26 jam tracks to jam along with.
These tracks cover almost all the musical styles including rock, jazz, dance, country, hip-hop etc.

lessons on ways to perform.Jamorama logox2

Metronome I like to use for practicing.

Games to learn by and even a learn to read music game called JaydeMusica.

OK Last night I went into the Song Pond and learned a song I kind of new but wanted to learn and it was way cool and easy, Hands Down the Jamorama beats Music Pro by a Long Shot!  Lessons are good and learning songs is easy for all level Players.
Get the Jamorama Lead Guitar Advanced Lead Guitar

Changing Strings / Winder

D'Andrea comes in different colors

D'Andrea Comes in Different Colors

I change a lot of strings on Guitar and Pedal Steel guitar which has 20 strings.
and have tried several of these string winders. Including: an electric drill attachment.
The regular type string winders ($1.50 approx) are loose on the tuning keys, wobble around, get stuck, jammed up, in the way, and are awkward to use.
The drill attachment did not work well for a couple of reasons, mostly due to being designed around the $1.50 type.
I recently had to increase a on line order to get free shipping and got one of these string winders.
The D’Andrea string winder has the acoustic pin puller.
It fits snugly and operates very smoothly.
Smooth and Easy like you expect and imagine a device designed to make a task easier should.
The D’Andrea is around six bucks and is a very nice accessory to have …
Especially when trying to change a string in a hurry …   Comes in different colors  Mine is Black .  ^_^
Add one to your next order from Austin Music Supply


These Poisonous toads (bufo marinus) are a major pest, currently over running Australia in a bad way.

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The Cane Toad was introduced into Gordonvale Queensland, Australia, 22kms South of Cairns in 1935 from Hawaii to combat the sugar cane beetle which was destroying the crops of the sugar cane industry. It has since hopped all over Queensland and is now entering neighboring states. The Toad is presently considered a major pest and a threat to native wildlife. All efforts are now being made for its eradication. The skin of the Cane Toad is strong, tough and durable and makes up into excellent leather goods. Help save Australian wildlife by turning a toad into a prince of a pick pouch!                                 Brought to you by Austin Music Supply


Austin Steel Guitar Club

The first Austin Steel Guitar meet-up / jam was Big fun

A hand full of diehards showed up after the drummer fell ill.

We had a little impromptu jam that Roger Edgington sat in on and really tore it up.

If you want a treat check out Roger Edgington with Billy Mata BILLY MATA Texas Style Music with a full band

We are expecting a really good turn out next month the small audience was thrilled promising to spread the word and many Pedal Steel Guitarists are intending to come.

Thanks again to J.D. Faron and the Disciples of Twang for donating the space. http://www.myspace.com/disciplesoftwang

Please go to our site and sign up and feel free to make any suggestions you may have as we are just getting started and plan on having a diversity of events for all levels of players always culminating in a Jam Session that will be very entertaining.


Ken Metcalf

Austin Steel Guitar Co-op

Austin Steel Guitar Co-op

We have started a Steel Guitar Club down here in Austin Texas.
Sunday Jam, Swap Meet, Live Band, No Fees, and of course Beer & Bar-B-Q
Check it out steel-guitar-austin.com Sponsored by     http://austin-music-supply.com
The first meet up is this Sunday and I have gotten a very good response and am looking for a nice turn out.
I will  post some pictures.

Tascam DR-07 Recorder Review

I got this DR-07 to record Lessons and Practices.   First and foremost I do not like to read the Instructions and I found this unit to be strait forward although I did have to peek in the book once.  Keep the levels low and find the room placement and it works really good for what I want it for..  About the size of a pack of cigarettes and with my laptop I can get or give a lesson and burn to CD intuitively and easily.  on the spot..  I also got a $35.00 rebate and a best price rebate for $49.00. A free pair of Sennheiser Head phones, Not bad about half price from the $199.00 average.     This unit uses AA battery’s unlike the DR-01 upgrade model  that uses a (Special Size) Tascam Battery’s.    The Quality of the recordings is a little hollow compared to home studio, but hey this fits in my pocket.  I think after using a while I can dial it in better…. Over All I really like it and give it a good high rating.

Purchased through austin-music-supply.com
Austin Music Supply